Thursday, December 30, 2010

Odds and Sods

The end of the month is rapidly approaching, as is the end of the year, and the end of the decade.  Madness.  So, before this year becomes next year I though I ought to do a final catchup post in 2010 so I enter 2011 with a fresh slate as it were.  Some of these have been floating around since November, a couple I drew just yesterday, but they're all things I had meant to post and either couldn't find the time to post them, or weren't worth a post of their own.  There's some good stuff within, but also some stuff that'll make you wonder why I bother (Made me wonder, I can tell you).  This might be a long one, so you might want to go to the loo while you can... All done?  Good, on with the show then:

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Full of Christmas...

There's a little tab in Blogger labeled "Stats".  It's a fascinating button and gives all sorts of anonymous info on who's reading the blog, and when, and where (very roughly speaking - I don't have your address - well, yes, I have your's, but that's because I'm related to you, but I don't have your's, because I'm not...).  Anyway, it does show that my Wife is no longer the only person who reads the blog, and it also shows that the blog is surprisingly popular in Poland and Russia.  It can also show where the hits from the blog are coming from, and while most of them make sense (A Google search for things related to uDraw will often get you here eventually) some of them don't.  One of them is a renovation contractor in Russia (I had to use Google's translator to find that out, and the other is a porn site.  I've been to both (hey, I'm no prude, I just want to know why I'm linked to from a porn site) and can't find any logical reason why they'd be leading back to me.  It's very odd, but I shan't complain; a hit is a hit no matter where it comes from :).  Anyway, this is all beside the point!  I just wanted to get it off my chest that I find this fascinating (Especially since my only commenter's are all people I know personally).  Back on topic!

Shortly after December began I decided I should do Wintery/Christmasy speed paints.  Somewhere along the line these ceased to be particularly fast, so they ceased being speed paints and became Christmas-Paints instead.  Some of them worked out reasonably well, others were dreadful, as you shall see momentarily.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What I'm Thankful For

I am not an American. You may have gathered this by now. I do however reside in the US (legally), and my wife is American through and through. This means I now celebrate Thanksgiving, although celebrate is perhaps the wrong word for it. You see, where I'm from there is no such thing, and since I haven't grown up with it it isn't a big deal to me. I enjoy it, but the traditions are not my traditions, they're somebody else's and I'm just playing along (I like it, I just don't really feel part of it)

Yes, it's time for the Thanksgiving post, almost a month late. I have no excuses for the delay, or the relative dearth of imagery in this post, but I did feel it prudent to post about Thanksgiving before it was time to post about Christmas.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

...uDraw A Crowd

For the first part of this story see this post. I split it into two for the sake of my sanity. Brief recap though: Volunteered to do a uDraw demonstration at an event at the local Children's Science Museum (The Orpheum), and was asked to do art for the poster. We pick up around the day of the event...

Up until the day before I was under the impression that we'd be showing the kids how to use the tablet and software, maybe walking them through colouring one of the built in pictures (yes, uDraw has a built in colouring book mode - something that proved extremely popular at the event). I was wrong though; while most of the volunteers did do exactly this, myself and another Volition artist (Jose) were to be doing a live demo of the software.

uDraw A Poster...

Today's lame pun post title is brought to you by the letter U and the number 500.

Several weeks ago someone thought it would be a great idea to do a cross promotion between the local Children's Science Museum and the local video game studio (where I work).  We wouldn't be promoting the studio's games though - those would be utterly unsuitable for a children's museum, rather we would be showing off the uDraw tablet which is produced by our parent company (as has been mentioned before).  This isn't sarcasm by the way, it really was a great idea.  Give away some goodies, give the local museum and the new tech some exposure and generally have a great time.

So, somewhere around the end of November there was a general call to arms for volunteers, and since I'd been using the uDraw for a bit already I felt duty bound to do so, and said as much in my response.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Playing Catch Up

I know, I'm terrible. I should update far more often than I have been. Let's just move on and pretend I'm updating regularly shall we? No? Oh OK, I can deal with that. What can I say, the new Assassin's Creed is pretty engrossing.

Actually today's post does have a little to do with catching up in general. I realised I hadn't posted any good/bad general sketching in... 3 months? Yeah, I think that's right. So this is a big catch up.  To save time I just threw the best and worst of the last three months into one image(With some exceptions that were prep sketches for things that may still happen).

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blart #10: Wolverine

More specifically "Wolverine Slashing Prices With His Adamantium Claws,"  which is a quote from Spaced.  Simon Pegg's character Tim is working on a poster for the comic shop in which he works, but you never see the poster, hence this Blart was born.  And no, you're not missing any, I skipped from 7 to 10 - I may go back and do the two I missed at some point, but I won't be spending much time on them...  So, on to the price slash!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Less Haste, More Speedpainting

Still a lot of catching up to do, still too slow in updating.  Part of the issue is that posts take a lot longer than most of the things I've been doing, so here's a catchup post with a bunch of speed paints.  I know it appears that I've been slicking on my traditional media stuff, and I have, but I have been doing a bit here and there I just haven't got around to posting any of it due to being to lazy to scan it.  I got it scanned today, but with Thanksgiving rapidly approaching I don't know when I'll get a chance to format it into presentable images, so that's to come at some point.  Anyway, on with the speed paints, after these short messages...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Musing 3: Can uTell What it is Yet?

My blog post titles should be reason enough to visit this fine establishment.  Look at it, it's genius!  Okay, maybe not, but you know we're talking about uDraw again from reading it right? Right?  Job done then.

When last we met I was showing off my uDraw pieces for (more to come BTW, just not for the same reason), and saying I'd reveal my favourite feature of the software while giving a more in depth look at the creation of the portrait.  Well, I'm not - at least not the way I intended because it was booooring.  No, I came to a realisation while capturing images for this post, so it's going to be cut down, but hopefully more interesting.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

uDraw, I Draw, We All Draw

So I've been busy of late, as I may have mentioned previously. All sorts of interesting things going on in the world of me, and since many of these things are art related, and stall me from posting here, it means I have some catching up to do. First of the many posts I kinda sorta need to do is one of two involving work.
I don't speak of work on here much, mostly because the work I do is pretty much unrelated to the sort of art the blog is about to any real extent, but I am an artist (according to my job description) - I just make things in 3D rather than painting them in 2. Oh, heck with it, you may as well know...

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Captain and Me

Crikey, it's been a while. I meant to post this the day after the Monster, but then I decided I'd do a companion piece, but one thing led to another and I got fantastically busy in a hurry and didn't have time. The spark has died on the companion now, but maybe it'll come back soon - for now you get just the solo piece.
Once again this is entirely my Brother's fault (this piece, not the death of sparks). Why? Because it's based on Captain America and, editing willing, my Brother will be appearing in the movie next year. His on-set report to me over the phone inspired the following... In a manner of speaking.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Monster Munch

Spooky Halloween!  So, here I sit, waiting for the onslaught of Trick or Treaters. I'm at my wife's PC because it's downstairs while mine is up (it's the slowest PC in the northern hemisphere I do believe).  So if I suddenly go off track and make no sense it's because I was distracted by some kid's mom in a catwoman costume or something.
So since it's Halloween I guess this should be a post about something creepy right?  Well, as luck would have it...

Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Feel the Need...

Hopefully a very quick post tonight because I'm about to retire ("Really? But you seem so young," "I meant for the night Doctor"). Before we get down to the art a couple of blog related things. Firstly that ghastly visitor counter has gone, I don't know what possessed me to add it in the first place. Secondly clicking the thumbnails from now on will expand the post - no more needing to click the title or the More button. It's been this since the beginning of the month, but I realise I failed to mention it - older posts still need the title clicked, but I may go back and fix them all. There you go Bro, no excuse for not visiting now.

Anyway, on to Speed Painting...

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanderers in the 4th Dimension

You may, by this point, be of the opinion that I rather like Doctor Who. You would be wrong. I frickin' love Doctor Who. Or rather I don't. What I do is enjoy Doctor Who as it airs on TV, to varying degrees depending on who the writer or director of the current episode is. What I love is what Doctor Who represents. What he represents, much like Sherlock Holmes and James Bond and The Bash Street Kids and (the British) Dennis the Menace is a Britain that doesn't exist, but which everyone really wishes did, and the show has represented that wondrous escapism for 47 years.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Musing 2: A Right Mickey Mouse Job

Yes, I'm still here. Things have been a little crazy lately, and what with one thing or another I've A) not been drawing much and B) been posting even less. Things are on the way though, you'll get to see them soon. For now it's time for me to gibber on about things I don't really understand in an effort to understand them better. You, if you're brave enough, can come along for the ride.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


If I were smart (and at this point we may as well all agree that I'm not) I would be doing something constructive right now.  I could do some gesture drawing, or figure drawing, or practice drawing the head, or sketch out another Doctor caricature or do a sketch of Wolverine, or just draw/paint something else that takes my fancy.  This would be a good time to do it because my wife has taken my Son to the store to buy paint for the table she's building (She has her own blog if you're interested).  Since we have now established that I am not smart you shouldn't be surprised that I'm writing a blog post instead.   OK, after all that I've practically forgotten what I was blogging about to begin with...  Oh, yes, another picture of the Doctor!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bow Ties Are Cool

I neglected to mention in the previous post as to why I've not done all that much work lately, and I also recall that some time ago I would explain why my Dad's Birthday sucked and why October 5th is the worst day of the year.  The answer is that it's the Anniversary of my dad shuffling off this mortal coil.  I am, and have been for the past 18 years, a complete wreck during the last week of September and the first couple in October.  OK, are you all depressed yet?  Well, look at the picture after the break, Matt Smith's not looking to jolly either.


So I've been terribly unproductive for the last week or so, so no new "traditional" work to be seen (I've done some, but not enough to be worth a post yet) which means you're stuck with more Artrage work.  For the next couple of posts in fact, because I've done a set.  I have no idea what inspired me to decide to A) try some caricatures and B) pick David Tennant as The Doctor for my first effort, but I did.  I was really quite pleased with it - at the time.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh, Let's Go Fly a Kite

I sent three cards last week.  The first two you've already seen, the third was for my Mother's boyfriend.  My Son calls him Grandpa, though he technically isn't he's taken on the roll with aplomb.  He likes flying kites, as does my mother, so the logical thing to do was a card of someone flying a kite.  Something as carefree as flying a kite didn't feel right having an overworked card, so I decided on something light and simple.  Japanese brushwork sprang to mind, and while the end result isn't as loose and natural as that tends to be I like it all the same.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Welcome Harrison Part 2: Mum

So I was fairly early on in the creation of the card from the last post when it dawned on me that I was going to need to d a second one; this time for Rachel, Stu's fiancĂ©e and the (then) expectant mother.  I didn't mind this at all, despite having only met Rach a handful of times I think she's great, and only wish I could spend more time seeing the both of them (a distance of 4,000 miles and an ocean between us makes that difficult, and more than a little expensive).  The problem is that while I like Rachel, I don't really know her, not in the way I know Stu, so I had no idea what to do for her card.  What I eventually came up with, and how I arrived at it, you can see after the break.

Welcome Harrison Part 1: Dad

So my best friend now has a Son, born last Tuesday morning.  this is a big deal in my book, and since I knew he was coming I figured I should do a card.  Well, that's a lie; the realization that I needed to do a card came to me shockingly late, and via one of those random things that like to just happen, but a card was the result.  You'll get the full story on the card below the break, right after a look at the artwork for the card itself.

Friday, September 24, 2010

September Catch-up

I was hoping to go for the hat-trick last night, but then I got distracted by a site dedicated to British road signs (don't ask, but it was more interesting than it sounds).  So, maybe I'll get it tonight; I have three posts to write, but I also have a large headache and need to get up early tomorrow, so we'll see what wins.
First up is some more random sketching.  I finally went back to basics on this one and just started drawing small, and very quick, gesture thumbnails.  These were so densely packed that I couldn't really split them into good vs bad, nor squeeze them into the usual square image.

Blart #7 Artists Choice

Two in one night!  How lucky you are.  Maybe I'll make it three and we can all pick favorites! Or not.
This one is actually out of order - it's the 7th Blart I drew, but it wasn't the 7th official one (That was Galactus I believe, which I did next).  Anyway, it was the artists choice Blart, so I chose Judge Dredd.  I originally chose Johnny Alpha, but then my brother mentioned that he was coming down the Blart pipe anyway, so I held off and did his occasional partner, occasional nemesis instead.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Like a man with blog constipation I'm not very regular.  Still, we shall see what nuggets I can produce over the next few days.  Okay, enough with the dire analogies (I just can't help myself), it's time for a post.
This one's just tying up some loose ends from last month (The next one does the same for this month).  It's a good, bad and ugly collection of sketches you'll find below - I wish I could hope it was worth the wait, but A) you ain't been waiting, and B) it won't be...

Monday, September 6, 2010

Blarts # 4,5,6 & 7

Despondent, that's the word that comes to mind about my feelings after the last post.  I don't really know why; it's not like the picture was that bad, bu that's how I felt nonetheless.  As a result I haven't posted for a while - I'd do some art, and then think "Meh, I don't have enough for a new post. Stuff it."  And then today I actually went through a few pages in my sketchbook, and I'd done rather more than I initially thought...  Quite a lot more in fact. Add to that that I was under the impression that I'd already posted some of the following and, well, I have some catching up to do.  4 Blarts in one post coming up - I've done more, but these were rough enough that I don't think they deserve a post each:

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Face Forward

Time for a little progression test.  You may remember Nephania from way back in May, when I decided to use her as my artistic litmus test.  If you don't remember click her name and go catch up.  So, I still haven't contacted her, and in all honesty I probably won't until I can do an illustration with some resemblance.  Based on todays effort that might be a while yet.  Before I put the image up I should say that this is entirely eyeballed from the original image, and this time I gave myself an hour to lay it out, but not to finish it (Which took more like four).  If this was for anything important (Where it had to be a really good likeness for example) I would cheat, since I'm not good enough to do it any other way yet.  By cheat I mean use a grid to nail the layout, or even trace if it was important enough.  If I did either though I'd be very honest about doing so in this blog - that's kinda the point; to be honest about the work right?  I'll have a muse on "cheating" some other time, but for now let's see the results when I don't:

Friday, August 13, 2010

A Head of the Game

You love those corny post titles don't you?  Here's hoping I'm a head and face master before I run out of idioms involving those words.  Anyway, it's been a while since I posted an practice sheets, which is mostly because I haven't done as much as I should.  I have been drawing heads for the past few weeks though, and for the most part the (relatively) good outweigh the terrible.  These have mostly been slower pieces - I think I can get faster once I know how things hold together and I can nail the proportions more often than not, so right now I'm taking my time (5 to 20 minutes), and making a vague effort to get things more or less right.  OK, let's look at the good stuff first.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playing at Cards

This is likely going to be a long post, with lots of images. I fully expect this one to chew up all my monthly allowance on uploaded images (because I'm a skinflint and don't pay for space - yet). Remember you can click the images to get a better view, though they still won't be as large as they were drawn. OK, enough waffle, let's get started - I created a card for my Brother's 31st birthday. I created it ages ago, I just couldn't post it until it was in his sweaty little hands.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

BLART #3 Blue Beetle

The Blue Beetle name covers three different heroes dating from 1939 and currently published by DC comics.  I feel sort of bad given that these guys have had a long history yet I've never heard of any of them until now.
Given that I knew nothing of the character I gave myself a strict 2 hour deadline (including research) to crank something out. In retrospect I think I should have spent longer on it; the version I chose to draw at least has quite a following and is apparently well respected, but with the tight time limit I made a bit of a mess of him.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

BLART #2 Jean Grey

Jean Grey is one of the X-men (usually), and has had several "Hero Nicks" including Phoenix and Marvel Girl.  She's pretty rare in comics because she's known more by her own name than by her heroic alter-ego.  When I started this for the BLART I did my customary research (Which equates to far to much) and found that the vast majority or Jean Grey images were of the iconic green or red Phoenix/Dark Phoenix outfit.  I can see why, it's a very snazzy set of duds if you have a Super Heroine figure, but it meant I wanted to do something different.  In the end I chose her original X-men gear from the 1960's.

BLART #1 Nick Fury

What's a BLART?  Why it's Blog Art of course.  There's a story to this, and we may as well get it out of the way.  My Brother is employed by comic book artist Antony Williams as an inker/colourist/odd job guy, and is also a member of the Swansea Comics Collective (SCC) - go take a look for more explanation.   This is based on the Comics TWART which is much the same thing, but with professional contributors and it's on Twitter rather than in a blog.  The SCC runs a fortnightly BLART for their blog, with a new subject every two weeks.  The subject could be anything (But tends toward the geek and comic) and the contributers have to draw something based on the current subject.  OK, cool, I decided to have a go, starting back at the very beginning.  Their first BLART was Nick Fury:

We Coulda Been Contenders

While I don't post everything I draw or do on this blog I do post a good cross section of the stuff that takes ten minutes or less, and anything that takes longer than that is probably going to end up here, good or bad.  This post sees a couple of works that took very different times to create, but neither of them really worked out.  One of them took quite a bit of time, and then I gave up with the piece still unfinished, the other was just a colour sketch with some good qualities, but that just didn't cut the mustard overall.  Both were done in ArtRage. I may come back and redo or finish them one day, but for now they're in the failure pile.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Facial Muscle Faliure

I didn't draw all that many faces stripped to the muscle for a variety of reasons.  The first was that it was terribly boring, the second that it was deadly dull, the third was because I was lazy, and this little piggy had none...  No, that's gone wrong hasn't it?  anyway, what we have after the break is every muscle sketch I did since the last skulls post, and I'm sure you'll agree that I neither did all that many, nor that they were as good as the skulls.  I do have a plan though that will require me to be less lazy but may alleviate at least some of the boredom.  You'll have to watch this space to see if it pans out (well, not this exact space, this one is done and is not going to change any time soon).

Slacker Random Pose Drawing

Well, I am a slacker.  It's been almost two weeks since my last post, which is silly since I've had the images for three available for almost a week.  Not just sitting there doing nothing, but scanned/saved and uploaded all ready to go.  I've been a little busier than usual at work for those two weeks, but that's a fairly feeble excuse since writing these posts doesn't take all that long, especially in comparison to the time taken to prep the images for them.  Still here we are with the first of three rapid posts.  Expect some brevity, or perhaps you wish for it...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Narcissism in Action

Look, something that isn't bone white and associated with death.  Yes, it's me, my first self portrait in...  Oh, OK, not that long really since I did a quick sketch of me for my facebook profile not long before I began this blog.  Still, it occurred to me that since I'd started it you hadn't seen what my terrible visage looked like (although since only people who know me have likely looked at the blog you may already know what I look like); this is about to change.  You may even see a photograph!  I know, try to restrain yourselves.  I'll begin with the finished self portrait, and then proceed to the blow by blow replay.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Father/Son Tag Team Paint

So I lied.  Another skull.  This time it's from reference, with a little tracing (read on to see why) and some help from my son, bless him.  Ever since I've had the Art Rage demo I've been thinking it would be great  to let my 3yr old some try it for several reasons. It mimics real paints, but I don't have to clean up the mess.  I can make the canvas full screen, so he can't inadvertently delete the Internet (You can do this in Photoshop too, but it never feels quite right).  The interface is bright and colourful and pictorial so he might actually try clicking on the buttons as well as painting.  It didn't go terribly, but it didn't work as well as I had hoped, so under his guidance I started a skull, and then he joined in, and then he lost interest and I finished it alone:

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Skull Skills Unplugged

So here I am again with more skulls, the last pure skulls for a while I feel, although I might draw the occasional one just to keep in some kind of practice.  Next up, more skulls, sort of.  Skulls with muscle on them in fact, and perhaps some figure drawing practice since I'm already rather rusty; but that's for the future. Right now we have the last lot of skulls I did, but this time without referring to anything while I drew them.  After each skull I went and looked at my anatomy books, or at a photograph to see where I went wrong, hoping to improve the next time.  I did, but I'm not going to lie, even on the best of the following the anatomy and proportions are decidedly dodgy.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Artrage Against the Machine

Yesterday, on the recommendations of several people going back quite some time, I downloaded Artrage, a "natural media" art package for the computer.  Getting used to it could take some time as its user interface is quite different to that of Photoshop, my usual package of choice.  No, I know what you're thinking ("Hey, I need some chips!") but I don't consider this either against my goal of getting better at illustration without relying on the computer, or the topic of this blog, which has much the same focus.  Really the idea is to get better at art in general, not just in real media, but I believe that getting better using real media is a huge part of that. So anyway, Artrage...

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Skull Skills

So I've been meaning to write this post for a few days now, and somehow I keep not managing to do it, but at least this time I'm making a start; only time will tell if I make it to the end in one go.  I've not managed to get all that much practice in over the last two weeks due to having guests, being busy at work and being generally lazy at home.  I did get some done however, and what follows in this post is part of it.  You may recall in the last post I said I was going to practice drawing skulls.  I wasn't kidding.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Head for the Hills

So I finished that little project I was working on about a week ago.  It was an illustration for my Brother's birthday card, which is why I can't post it yet (On the off chance he decides to read the blog between now and August), but I shall once he has the card in his hands, along with step by step descriptions and illustrations.  It was primarily digital I'm afraid, but it's still the first piece of finished art I've done in a while.  So that was a week ago, and I'd done no other off-work art between the last post and that, so what have I done since?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sketching Skaters

I've been falling greatly behind on my sketch practice of late, and haven't done any for probably two weeks.  This isn't to say I've not been doing art type stuff, just no sketching.  I should probably get back on it huh?  The art type stuff I've been doing I can't show until August, even when it's finished, which it isn't yet. It's digital, although I did do a prep sketch before I started, so that's something.  Before my sketching hiatus I bought Skate 3 (one of those new fangled video games). It has an in-game editor for editing videos and taking photographs, letting you move the camera around and capture just the shot you want.  Handy for sketching!  So I tried it.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Facing the Facts

I've not been practicing anywhere near as much as I should have over the past few weeks.  Those figures you saw in the last post?  Between the good and the bad that was about 80% of what I'd drawn, barring what now constitutes this post and the next.  That's just not really enough.  Yeah, I could come up with excuses (I was sick, I was working late, my son was being a pooper; all true BTW), but at the end of the day how hard is it to pick up a pen or pencil and draw something?  Right.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Random Pose Sketches #3 (May 2010)

I just realised that I opened two consecutive posts with "A couple of posts ago."  I realised this mostly because I was about to start this one the same way, and thought I may have done so before.  Clearly my head would currently be in the shed if I happened to own one.  Not in a drunk way, just in a way too much on my mind way.  Still, even with so much going on right now I managed to get some sketching done (and it's not that much if I'm honest, just a few high stress not that muches).  So it's time for a look at how much I suck rock.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Facing the Worst

A couple of posts ago I said I was too sick to draw anything.  This was true (at least I was too sick to draw anything and enjoy doing it), and to a degree it still is, but I've managed to get together the motivation to do a few small things.  One of those things was to pick an image that I not only would like to draw, but that I would like to draw on an occasional basis, and use it as a measure of my progression.  I picked an image, gave myself an hour to draw it, and set to work.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Musing

A couple of posts ago I pondered why the small thumbnail I had at the top of the post looked human at all, given that it was just a series of sketched lines (I've included it again for good measure).  I stated that it was now possible to tell that the figure was in her birthday suit, and that this might offend people. So the question remains, why does it look human at all?  How can a series of black lines with minimal light and shade represent so definitively a female form?

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Best and Worst of Figure Drawing (Week 8)

And now, the end is near (and so I face the final curtain)...  Yup, the last week of figure drawing, bringing me, more or less, up to date.  OK, so it was a week ago last Friday, but I've been too sick to draw much since then, so there's not much else to cover until I do.  That said, I do have some ideas for a couple of posts to tide me over while I draw something else for your attention.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Random Pose Sketches #2 (April/May 2010)

This is the point where I have to wonder if this blog should go forward without some sort of warning on it.  For the first time I have images that are recognisable as humans with their kit off.  Now for me this isn't a big deal, you can see nude art pretty much anywhere (Statuary!) and (with some exceptions) I'm fine with even my Son seeing such things.
Other people are not so open minded regarding this sort of thing and may feel my feeble scribble of a boob and nipple is somehow going to convert their child, or even themselves, into a crazed deviant.

The Best and Worst of Figure Drawing (Week 7)

Last but one week of Figure Drawing (This time around anyway).  For this session our model wore a couple of costumes to make things more interesting, and also for us to practice our drawing of cloth and drapery.  The first outfit was something a dancer would wear during a practice or workout (I don't know what they're called to be honest, but tight fitting, 2 pieces...), the second was a fairy costume.  The first was difficult to draw with time constraints due to it being silver and black and having the word "DANCE" printed all over it: all things that do a good job of masking the folds and creases in the cloth.

The Best and Worst of Figure Drawing (Week 6)

I didn't attend Week 5.  Wanted too, couldn't, not crying about it :)
Did I mention that each week of this course had a "theme?"  No, well, they did.  Gesture, Rhythm, Attitude, Emotion, Costume.  This weeks was Attitude and Emotion, but as you can probably tell from the following I didn't do a great job of capturing either.  I was to busy struggling to make the figures look human to worry about making them look miserable (or happy, as the case may be).  Hopefully I mostly succeeded in the first aim at least.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Random Pose Sketches #1 (April 2010)

So week 4 of figure drawing didn't go so well, and I got home from that sorta depressed.  Cake and ice cream weren't helping, so I decided to try some hair of the dog that bit me.  No, not alcohol, more drawing!
One of my co-workers who also does the figure drawing thing (and just happens to be my boss) put me on to the awesome posemaniacs back during week 1 of the figure drawing, and this finally felt like the time to try it out.
These are the first couple of weeks worth of the results.  As usual, divided into the best and the worst (in my opinion).  No commentary today though, I think they speak for themselves.