Friday, May 26, 2017


Hey, didn't I say I was going to post more, right before I vanished for 4 months?  Yeah, sorry about that.  Won't Might happen again.  I'm not going to go into why it's taken me so long to write a new post, mostly because I'm not entirely sure myself.  I have a fair bit of catching up to do though!

So, what's happened since I've been away?  Well, I presented at GDC, got a new position at work (I'm an Associate Art Director now), which also means I completed the project I was working on, and did an album cover (sort of - I think I was working on it when I wrote the last post).  More on some of that next time.

This post focusses on something that I did before all that though, even before the last post.  Last August in fact.  I thought I had posted about it at the time, but I guess I hadn't since there isn't one.