Sunday, February 16, 2014

Just a Couple

Hello, good evening, and welcome, to another enthralling post.  Yeah, I had trouble keeping a straight face over that too.  Anyway, despite the title there is only one picture for your perusal today, but there are two people in it - plenty of step by step stuff though, if you're into that sort of thing.

I still haven't compiled all the sketches from October to December to show, and now of course I have January's to do, and then February's in a couple of weeks.  I'll get to it, and probably not all in one post either, but this weekend I'm working on another painting (digital), and then there's another facebook portrait to do, and I want to get a traditional piece done and work on my perspective skills and speedpaints too, so as you can imagine, things are a little cramped for time right now.  Also, TV show season, not helping...

Anyway, on with today's performance.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Social Profiling № 7: Sunset Bear

It might be a puppy, but Sunset Puppy sounds vaguely rude to me for some reason so I'm pretending it's a bear.

It's been a while since I made one of these posts, mostly because I thought I was done with them.  If you want to read the preceding six you can go here and work from the bottom up.  If you'd rather skip six bland posts from history the basic premiss was this: ask for people on Facebook to volunteer for me to paint their picture. I got to choose the picture and the theme (if any), and four people, randomly chosen, would get a full best of my ability painting, and some of the others would get something too if I could be bothered.  Of the people that signed up I ended up painting seven of them, and it was quite fun.

This year (two years on) I decided to do it again.  Same message on facebook, and twice the number of people signed up.  Again the pictures were randomly chosen, although there were some surprising coincidences in the people who ended up getting picked.  This time I let people pick their own photos for me to do, and all of them will be painted with a more speedpaint mentality than before because, y'know, free work?  I'll get to the coincidences later, but here's the first of the paintings, which I did a few weeks ago.