About the "Artist" - James Taylor

Growing up in a cardboard box in windy rural South Wales, James discovered art by scribbling on the walls in crayon.

For many years he dreamed of becoming a games artist (or possibly work on science fiction movies featuring giant robots and laser whips - he was young, and there was no rush to decide).

Eventually, through the wonders of the modern interweb highway, his wish came true! He worked in the Games Industry, met a lovely American girl, married her, and somehow ended up in a cardboard box in windy rural Champaign. He no longer uses crayons on the walls - that's progress for you.

His credits include Saints Row, Red Faction Guerilla and Saints Row the Third, as well as his crowning glory; Barbie Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon Race.

His blog follows his aim of learning to draw again, after over a decade of letting it slide. He goes by HarlequiNQB - search for James Taylor and the reason will be apparent.

Posts represent his opinions alone, and do not in any way represent the opinions or other statements of his employers Deep Silver Volition, Deep Silver or Koch Media.