Sunday, April 17, 2016

Speeding to Catch Up

I've decided to stop giving reasons as to why posts are few and far between lately, and just post when I can.  Eventually things should calm down enough that I can make them more frequently.  Until then, I have some catching up to do.

To simplify things a bit I'll just post the images of the last three months of speedpaints, and only comment when there's something of particular note.  For the most part the methods used are very similar to previous ones I've posted about. There's quite a few of them (10), so this might be a long one.


Time Taken: 85 Minutes
Software: Artrage
Based on: Very loosely, a photo of Bella Thorne (I think)

Did some colour correction at the end when I painted in the balloon.  Also a rare case of me working out the pose structurally, instead of by eye.  I should do that more often.

Time Taken: 140 Minutes
Software: ArtRage
Based on: Nothing specific - Space doodle perspective practice

Time Taken: 65 Minutes
Software: Photoshop
Based on: Nothing in particular, just a doodle.

More colour correction at the last minute.  I've been doing that a lot lately - I should work on getting it right in the first place, but sometimes it can help an otherwise insipid image, especially when it's not fully planned out when started.

Time Taken: 145 Minutes
Software: ArtRage
Based on: Gene Hackman as Harry Caul in The Conversation


Time Taken: 15 Minutes
Software: Photoshop
Based on: Nothing, just a quick loose doodle.

Time Taken: 170 Minutes
Software: Photoshop
Based on: Swiss/British/Korean Model/Actress Clara Lee

I kept thinking I would get around to removing the red, but in the end it added something I liked so I left it.  Did a fairly large rejig midway through using Photoshop's transform tool to pull some of her proportions in a little.

Time Taken: 60 Minutes
Software: Photoshop
Based on: Another doodle, some minor reference

Time Taken: 140 minutes
Software: Artrage
Based on: A Photograph (Source Unknown)

Painting rocks is time consuming it turns out. I have no idea where the photo this was based on came from, and Google is not it's usual helpful self.  Looks Eastern European or Russian though.

I did a colour pass on this one too, to get a different feel (more like dusk), but in this case I liked the warmer one more.


Time Taken: 20 Minutes

Software: Photoshop
Based on: Nothing, just a pose sketch to get it out of my head.

Time Taken: 135 Minutes
Software: Photoshop
Based on: Small Pinterested image of Christina Ricci

Some heavy modifications on this one.  You may not immediately notice, but between the second and third stage I narrowed her head and arm, and then on the fifth I cut her head out and scaled it up quite a bit.  Actually using some of the power of the tools lately.  Not useful for when I get back to traditional work, but very handy for a digital piece in a hurry.

April isn't over yet, so this months paints will need to wait until next time.

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  1. Nice painting! You have done it using a software or done them by hand? Even if you used a software this is creative and artistic.